The following info is sites and apps I use for fishing, There are alot more to choose from.


This site is ideal for checking wind speed, direction and rainfall.

I find it accurate although you need to keep checking the site if you planning a trip in advance as the weather can change. I usually base the weather on the forecast 24 hours before the session.


This site is ideal for checking high and low tides as well as sunrise and sunset. It even tells you the level of fish based on the moonstate and the hours of the day the fish are more likely to be feeding.



This site is ideal for checking the contours of the seabed and finding marks, wrecks, gully's or holes to fish. 



This site is ideal for checking the wind, rain and swell direction in real time and forecasting. 


Phone Apps

What Fish UK APP

This App is full of useful info in the palm of your hand.

You can identify your catch by shape or name and it offers you specific info for each species - such as rigs/bait to use or where they can be found right through to minimum keep sizes and UK records.

This App is ideal for getting a rough idea of the tide times for the area you are looking to fish. 

UK Tides APP
Tapatalk App

This app is ideal for connecting to forums and keeping in touch with fellow anglers or learning more about the sport from catch reports and write ups by other anglers.