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The Yakler Series - Kayak Fishing - United Kingdom

January 11, 2017

The Yakler series is a compilation of kayak fishing footage filmed around the United Kingdom.

Each episode documents the adventures of The Yakler as he travels around the UK fishing his favorite spots and traveling to new and exciting venues catching some awesome fish species off his kayak.





The Yakler Series - Flounder Meet 2016 - Poole Harbour


In this episode the Yakler visits the 2016 kayak fishing Flounder meet in Poole Harbour with some fellow Solent kayak anglers. The target species is Flounder and the heaviest one wins. It’s the last meet of the calendar year and is always a great event.
#kayakfishing #floundermeet #theyakler




The Yakler Series - Double figure Cod pigs - kayak fishing - stokes bay 


In this episode the Yakler is kayak fishing off Stokes Bay with a fellow Solent kayak angler. The target species is Cod and boy does he end the year in style with a double hook up of Double figure Cod pigs.
#kayakfishing #Cod #theyakler





The Yakler Series - Floundering around - Poole Harbour 


In this episode the Yakler is kayak fishing in Poole Harbour hunting Flounder with a fellow Solent kayak angler in late December.
#kayakfishing #Flounder #theyakler





The Yakler Series - Blue Anchor Bay - Kayak Fishing - Minehead 


In this episode the Yakler is kayak fishing off Blue Anchor Bay in the Bristol Channel for the annual Blue Anchor Bay Cod Comp. Unfortunately no Cod but got kept busy with plenty Thorneback Rays and Conger Eels.
#kayakfishing #Thornbackray #Congereel #theyakler







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