Cod hunting in the Solent

With temperatures right and high tide mid day I decided to fish the tide up and down at Stokes bay. Armed with Black Lug and Squid in Cuttle juice I headed out of the Gosport Lifeboat Station ramp at a nippy 5:30am. The sea was like glass and the tide was hardly rushing not to mention it was pitch black and despite my kayak being lit up like a Christmas tree the feeling of the abis below was daunting in the dark. I anchored up about a 1.5km of shore at a favourite mark for winter cod where the sea bed drops from 30 feet down to 80 feet in the space of a couple meters.

I prepped my 8/0 two hook running ledger rigs with lug and squid combos and used a 10oz lead to counter the strong tides. Within the first ten minutes I managed a dogfish and a few Pout but nothing substantial and it then went quite for a couple hours. The tide started to rush about two hours before high tide and the fun then started. First fish was a respectable Undulate Ray at just under 9lb followed by a cracking 6Lb Cod which didn’t half give a fight. I missed a few big bites after that and then the tide went slack. An hour after high tide one of the rods bent right over and I got so excited because I just knew it was a decent fish by the head shacks. When I got the Cod up to the kayak it looked a bigun and weighed just over 10lb. Other than a few fowl hooked Whiting that pretty much sums up my trip but I was over the moon. Later that day I made Battered Cod and chips with mushy peas which was amazing and a fitting way to end what was a great day out on the Solent in the kayak.