Autumn Smoothound Frenzy

What was a planned Cod hunting session on a Autumn morning out on the Solent ended in a very unexpected way. At 6:30am Armed with Squid and Lug in the hope of a early Cod I headed out from Elmore Slipway aiming for the drop off. The tides were overwhelming and my anchor tripped twice, I started the session back and forth in the tide trying to stay on the drop off. Eventually my anchor held after I applied an extra zip tie to the anchor system. My first actually drop of cuttle juice soaked Squid went down range at 10:00am which was insane considering I launched at 6:30 and spent all that time paddling and trying to anchor in extremely strong tides. About ten minutes later I had my first take and it was not what I was expecting to see in Oct on the end of my line. After a great scrap i pulled up a 6-7Lb Smoothound which is normally a June/July species especially in the Solent. Two more great fights later I hooked a further two Smoothound and couldn't believe my luck.

While fiddling around with my bait I didn't even notice that one of my rods was bent right over until I felt the kayak starting to move sideways.

I grabbed the Rod and could instantly feel I had a big Hound on with the violent head shacks. When the Hound broke the surface I couldn't believe my luck I managed to hook into a double figure smoothound which I never imagined I'd be catching in Oct! I decided to head in after that as my bait was all but gone and wanted to end on a high. What a cracking day and I will never forget that moment I caught big hounds in Autumn.