The illusive Big Plaice

For a few years I've struggled to catch some decent Plaice, it has most definitely been my nemesis. Last year I managed to get a small one around the size of my hand but being a fisherman size is everything so I just had to catch me a decent fish. In 2016 my aim was to spend at least 10 sessions out on the water in the hunt for that Illusive big Plaice. I had two weeks of leave to take so with March and April being the best times to catch the bigger ones there was no better time to get the sessions in.

First Session: Hayling Island

After making up my rigs and collecting a lb of Ragworm from Solent Tackle I headed to Hayling Island to meet up with a few fellow anglers from the Portsmouth kayak fishing group. We launched around 8am and planned to fish the tide up and down. It was freezing out on the water and my hands where in bits with the wind chill well below 0 degrees.

Bites came in thick and fast however catching Whiting all day can eventually get irritating despite the fact we are actually catching. Some of the other Yakler's (kayak Anglers) managed to pull in a few Small Plaice and Dabs but nothing decent. Eventually I managed to get a bite that wasn't a whiting and landed myself a Dab.

I then spent the next couple hours increasing the Whiting total to well over 100 and that is no exaggeration. Two of the guys decided to head in and to be honest I deep down wanted to head in myself. I decided to try one more spot closer to the beach and out of nowhere my rod tip bent right over and i thought this is it. As I brought the fish to the surface I got so excited as it was a huge Plaice around the size of the front hatch cover on my kayak. I started shouting look at the size of this and as soon as I said it with one flick of its tail it broke off the hook and disappeared into the deep. What happened next is probably best not said but it involved a lot off rod smashing in the water and something along the lines of £$%^%$£. After that I spent anther hour in the hope it was still around but with it getting dark and all the rod bashing I called it a day.

Second Session: Hayling Island

We decided to hit Hayling again the next day because after loosing that big Plaice I had the comfort of knowing they where around. We Launched further down the beach this time and armed with plenty Rag we headed out once again. I had a good feeling despite bites being few and far between unlike the day before. After a couple hours my rod bent right over again and this time I didn't jump the gun and focused on getting the fish in the kayak. As soon as the fish was aboard I was so excited because I had finally caught a decent Plaice.

Third Session: Poole Plaice Chase

It was my first time attending the Poole Plaice Chase which I was gutted to miss the year before. A few of us headed to Poole the day before and spent the day kayak fishing and night fishing in the Harbour with a BBQ and a few bevvies. I managed to catch a few Flounder on the kayak and another that night off the beach which was awesome.

The next morning we decided to leave early to get a decent parking space and cook some bacon rolls which is starting to be a bit of a tradition now. We where greeted by an amazing Sunrise and it certainly looked like it was going to be a good day for fishing. 56 kayak anglers turned up and quite a few struggled to paddle through the surf and ended up flipping with gear going everywhere and rods being pulled out of the waves. Anyway it wasn't to be I spent the entire day getting a tan because only four anglers out of 56 managed to actually catch a Plaice.

Fourth Session: The Solent

We headed out in search off Rays armed with Rag, bluey's and Squid and left the beads at home not

even expecting a Plaice. It's funny how things happen when you not even expecting it. Over the next two days I managed another three amazing Plaice.

How to make a Plaice Boom Rig

Plaice Fishing in the Solent

Poole Plaice Chase 2016

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