Offshore Kayak Fishing


“Offshore Kayak Fishing is the perfect handbook, for anyone starting out in the sport of kayak fishing, or for anyone who is looking to take their angling to the next level.” Brad Arthur

Kayak Fishing is currently the fastest growing form of angling in South Africa. It combines a passion for catching fish, with a healthy life style and an extreme edge. Offshore Kayak Fishing is a comprehensive guide, to assist kayak fishermen starting out in the sport and also to enlighten more advanced anglers, to the many other techniques and fish species that can be enjoyed while fishing from a kayak.

Offshore Kayak Fishing starts out as a fairly introductory hand book, teaching the reader about the many options available to them from a paddling point of view, as well as covering the basic skills required to master paddling on a fishing kayak. These paddling skills include weather forecasting, launching and beaching in the surf, reading the sea and understanding the dangers involved. Once you have studied the theory behind paddling on a fishing kayak, you are then introduced to the various fish species that can be targeted on a kayak. Each of these fish species are described in detail, with tactics and tips on how to specifically target each of them.

From here, you move onto the angling side of kayak fishing, with in-depth explanations on all the current angling techniques, used by top kayak fishermen in Southern African waters. These techniques include the fishing tackle to use, bait and lure fishing and everything else associated with fishing from a kayak. Each facet is well explained and thereafter the reader should have a much better understanding of what to do, when and why.

Although Offshore Kayak Fishing is initially focused more towards kayak fishermen, it would also be very beneficial to Ski Boat and Jet Ski anglers, who are looking to learn more about offshore angling, as these fishing techniques are universal to all three facets of angling.

“Scott Hunter grew up as an avid fly fisherman, making the transition to kayak fishing in 2005, when he moved to Durban. He has since been instrumental in the reestablishment of the Umgeni Kayak Fishing Club, as Club Chairman in 2011, 2012 and 2014. Scott is a very experienced and knowledgeable kayak fisherman, who is always prepared to lend a helping hand, to anyone who is new to the sport. By putting his vast fly fishing experience to good use, Scott has become a very successful species orientated kayak fisherman, with many trophy fish to his name.” Markus Potgieter























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