Palm Kaikoura PFD

I've used this PFD for four years now and I would like to tell you why this piece of kit is not only lifesaving but awesome for kayak fishing.

First of all I needed a PFD that can support my body in the water and the Palm Kaikoura is perfect because it has more than enough flotation to keep my head above the water should I fall in and become unconscious.

The next thing is paddling I needed a PFD that didn't restrict my movements when paddling or reaching around the kayak. There is more than enough movement of the arms when you have the PFD on and doesn't restrict me when paddling. It has a clip that goes around the waist to prevent the PFD from riding up over your head when submerged in the water.

Features: well this PFD is full of features which I'll list below.

It has four different storage pockets on the front and a large compartment on the back for a water bladder. These storage compartments are ideal for keeping flares, waterproofed mobile phone, gloves etc. There is also leash points inside the pockets so you can leash your mobile,camera etc so they are attached to you at all times. When kayak fishing the saying goes leash it or lose it.

On the front of the pockets and on the shoulder straps are reflective sections so you can be seen at night. As you can see in the photo there is attachment areas to put a safety light, safety Knife and of course a VHF radio. Once again there are two plastic loops to attach these items too so they are on your person at all times. I don't see the point in storing any safety gear on the kayak as when you fall off you may not be able to get back on or might be separated from your kayak. To that end having a PFD with all these features is ideal because all your safety equipment can be stored neatly on your person for when you really need it.

In terms of looking after your PFD i would suggest washing it every now and then especially if you get it submerged in salt water because the zips do tend to rust.

I hope this helps and I would really recommend this PFD.

You can Purchase the Palm Kaikoura from Southampton Canoes