Typhoon PS330 Review

The Typhoon PS330 well what can I say, the suit is a bit pricey but if you can afford it you won't be disappointed. I've been looking for a dry suit that has all the features I require as a kayak angler out in the elements with limited moving space. When I saw the PS330 by Typhoon I knew I had found what I was looking for. I fish a lot on my own and getting in and out of a dry suit can be tricky especially with entry zips located across the back. This drysuit has a convenient zip that goes around the waist and is so easy to use. I normally struggle doing the zip up across my back and when clothing gets caught in the zip it can be really frustrating. I've been limited to the time of day I can launch because I either need to find someone near the launch site to help me or make sure someone else comes out with me. With Typhoons new zip around the waist I can fish any time of day and it only takes seconds to get in and out of the drysuit. The zip is plastic but holds a good watertight seal and doesn't require constant applications of wax. Only time will tell how it holds up to the stress and constant use but I have peace of mind that it will last with the 3 year warranty Typhoon issues you when you purchase one of these suits. The next feature this suit has that is a must for me is a relief zip. I spend whole days out on my kayak and having the relief zip allows me to empty the pipes without having to head back to shore. The next feature that isn't a must but truly is amazing and for me makes this suit stand out is the neck collar.

Fishing in winter can be tough on the old face with chilly winds. The neck collar protects your face from the elements and is fleece lined which is amazing. When I tried the suit for the first time I couldn't believe how good the neck collar is at cancelling out the wind. There is also fleece lined pockets which can be tricky to access with a PFD on but are also a nice feature. The Suit has more than enough storage with pockets around the top, middle and lower areas on the suit. I only tend to use these for storing my car key because most of the things I carry are in the pockets on my PFD however I can imagine they would be very useful if your PFD didn't have any pockets. To summarise my first impressions on the suit are that it ticks all my boxes as a kayak angler and I would recommend this to anyone. I got my suit from Southampton Canoes and if you not to sure on sizing give them a visit they are more than happy for you too try the suits on as well as give you advice.

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