The Yakler Season 1

Over the Summer of 2015 I will be traveling around the UK targeting as many species from our coast line as possible. I plan to fish venues in England, Scotland and Wales targeting species like Tope, Ray, Bass, Bream, Smoothound, Conger Eel and so on.

I will also be attending as many Kayak fishing meets as possible throughout the UK.

I've been planning this little adventure throughout the winter and I've been speaking to a few kayak fisherman from all over the UK. I'm by no means an expert at kayak fishing but with the knowledge I have and meeting new anglers on my travels. I plan to increase my knowledge on the sport and create a series of episodes to help other anglers see what can be caught from a kayak around our beautiful coastline. What I hope to achieve from making this series is learning about new venues to fish, what rigs, bait and tackle are best and of course meet some great people along the way. If you reading this post and haven't spoken to me already and feel you have a great venue that you feel I need to fish please let me know via the contact me section on this website.

I'm just a guy with a Go Pro and a massive passion for the sport so when I release the series please share it with your friends and I look forward to hearing what you think. In the meantime tight lines!