Why the Ocean Kayak Trident 13

When I decided to get into kayak fishing, like buying a house or a car I did my research on what would be the best purchase to suit my needs. Not concentrating too much on the price I wanted a kayak that fulfulled my needs and had optional extra features that I could expand on when money permitted. Like buying a house I knew if I went for the cheaper option I would end up having to upgrade at some point. The Trident 13 just ticked all the box's for me and being an ex-military man I felt the colour camo just had to be done.

What first caught my eye is the Mod Pod which gives direct access into the hull of the kayak while seated. This for me is the ideal storage for everything from fishing rods to gear while launching or landing in tricky surf. It's also great for storing fish while paddling or when you driving home so you don't stink your car out.

The front hatch also allows for storage of my kayak trolley when broken down and is very useful for any kayak camping trips. You can literally put a tent, sleeping and all the gear you'll need to go wild camping.

I'm a sucker for gadgets and the build in compartment to house a fish finder and the built in battery bag was a really nice feature to have. You can also use the compartment to store bait or tackle when you don't have the fish finder plugged in.

The next thing for me was stability as I'm around 6.1 feet and weigh around 90KG on a good day I need a kayak that could support my weight and all my gear. If you haven't been on a kayak out in the open ocean, you soon realise it can get quite scary especially when the wake of a cargo ship comes past.

Also with the length of the kayak it allows for some really nice paddling at a decent speed despite the weight.

With the amount of time I was going to spend on the kayak sat down I needed a seat that not only was comfortable but had back support for the long hours out on the water.

The seat that comes standard with the 2013 Trident was perfect and other than a bit of foam I stuffed under the seat for more support it fits my needs.

There is many different features you can add to the kayak like an anchor trolley system, rod holders, rudder and even a sail. Which is great so you can pimp out your kayak on those rainy days that you can't go fishing.

It comes with two built in rod holders ideal for trolling lures and a Cannon rod holder which can be placed in any of the many plug holes on the Mod Pod. With the kayak being made out of plastic you can also add your own rod holders.

I've fished from this kayak for 3 years at the time of writing this blog post and have never fallen off, touch wood!

I'm sure I will upgrade at some point in my life but this kayak truly does tick all my box's and I would recommend it to anyone thinking about getting into kayak fishing.

Ocean Kayak Trident 13 Camo kayak fishing Setup