Two Venues Two Species

With Spring around the corner and the Plaice due to arrive in the UK waters I thought I'd try and catch a Flounder before they disappear and hopefully a Cod too.

I had a weekend to myself as the joys of having a partner mad about horse riding is they constantly horse riding, which means I'm constantly fishing. There are some down sides too for instance no dinner ready when you get home.

Anyway my two chosen venues where Poole harbour for the Flounder as I felt my best chance at catching one would be there and Stokes bay for the Cod as I have a pretty good record there.

Poole Harbour Lake Pier Hamworthy

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I had to pick up some Ragworm in the morning and with the tackle shop only open at 9 am I only managed to get to Poole Harbour for around 11 am.

The car park at Lake Pier was pretty busy with dog walkers and people just enjoying the day out.

I set up my kayak and paddled out to a spot I've fished before with some good results. Once anchored up I baited up my three hook flapper rigs and sent out the first worms into the drink.

After about 2 hours and no bites I decided it was time to try a different spot. The wind had picked up and paddling was becoming a nightmare so I stuck close into the shore to avoid fighting the current and wind at the same time. Once the lines where out again I noticed the crabs where plaguing my bait and I was literally lifting balls of them out the water. Just before I decided to knock it on the head I had a take on one of my rods and saved a blank with nice little Flounder. On the way back to Portsmouth I stopped at Castaways tackle shop in Poole as I heard they had fresh Blow Lug. I managed to get a pound of Lug and couldn't wait for Stokes Bay the next day.

Gosport Stokes Bay

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Gosport lifeboat station.jpg

With only the one fish the day before in Poole I couldn't wait to launch off Stokes Bay and go catch me some Cod.

I got to the car park to be greeted by Mark and Ian who were obviously keen to get out as I'm normally the one waiting for them.

With my Lb of Lug I was quietly confident that a Cod was on the Cards for me. We decided to head towards Gillkicker as a nice 30Lb Cod was reported to have been pulled out there a couple days previous. We fished in around 70 feet of water and with the strong tides and with the wind picking up my anchor slipped a couple times. Mark and I had a couple Whiting between us but for a while nothing seemed to be moving in the depths or should I say nothing was showing on the depth finders.

Out of nowhere Ian shouts I've hooked into a Ray and it's snapped my rod, at the time I was thinking this must be one hell of a ray. Anyway it turns out the ray wasn't as big as I thought and in fact he has had problems with the Rod he was using before. With Ian down to one rod and the Whiting not even biting I decided to move back to my favourite Cod hole. I've had all my luck this winter for Cod in around 40 feet of water and thought if it works don't fix it, so I moved. Literally within 20 mins of me drowning some fresh Lug my rod tip went ballistic and boom the first and only Cod between us emerged out of the water. It was around 4 LB 55Cm and was going to taste amazing when I got home.

By this time the wind had picked up dramatically and we decided to knock it on the head and head back.

I had a pretty successful weekend and with the Cod and Flounder heading out soon I'm just Glad I managed to Catch one more of each species before they disappear.

Until my next blog post tight lines guys and hopefully I'll see ya out on the water.