Poole Harbour Flounder Comp

Poole Harbour Flounder Competition December 2014

On a cold dark December morning I packed the car up and headed over to meet up with some fellow Kayak anglers, for the 1 hour journey over to poole Harbour for the Flounder Comp.

We arrived around 08:00 am with plenty of time for Ian and George to russel up a hot brew and some bacon and egg rolls on their gas hobs. After breakfast more anglers started turning up and it seemed the comp was not a wash out as the weather report had predicted.

After a quick safety breifing it was all go go go and we had four hours from 10:00 to 1400 to try catch the heaviest Flounder of the day.

The water was really choppy with a very strong head wind but most of the Kayak anglers didn't seemed bothered. The first thing I noticed was a large group all heading off as if they knew a special spot that no one else did..... (or someone knew a spot and everyone followed lol)

Anyway myself and few hampshire boys headed directly out from the launch spot a couple 100 metres and anchored up.

The weather seemed to change every five minutes and the sun even poked through the clouds a few times.

With my rigs ready and a pot full of Rag I baited up and threw my first cast. At first it seemed mine and everyone else's bait was getting plagued by crabs. I think at one stage I had a ball of five or so crabs on each hook.

However after about 30 mins I had my first pull on the line and a very nice Flounder to boot.

Within the next hour or so I managed another three with my fourth fish being my biggest of the day.

The wind started to pick up again and I noticed a few kayakers heading in. I decided to throw in one more line just in case. It wasn't to be and with 45mins before the weigh-in closed I decided to head in.

When I got to the beach I met up with Mark Ford one of my fellow Hampshire anglers who informed me that he had blanked. Unfortunately from the five of us who had travelled together that morning I was the only one that managed to catch.

When I headed to the weigh-in station I noticed a few other anglers had fish to weigh-in but I was quietly confident as one of the fish in my bag was quite decent.

My best fish ended up weighing 1.68Lbs and was good enough to win me 4th place.

I even won a prize which was a rig holder by Tronixpro which was cool as I actually needed one. I throughly enjoyed the comp and met a few more anglers. I look forward to the next Comp wherever it may be.

"Special thanks goes out to all that made the comp happen and to the sponsors for the prizes given out."