Kayak Fishing Gear


Vittles Vault 60-Pound Stackable by Gamma

This is a stackable and airtight pet food storage container rated to 40lb capacity.

Lomo Drybox 20 Maxi Size - Sailing Dry Box.

  • Strong ABS plastic construction.

  • O-Ring seal.

  • Padded interior.

  • Keeps your gear dry

  • 210mm x 120mm x 95mm

LuckyStone Coloured Drifting Waterproof Dry Bag For Boating, Kayaking, Fishing, Rafting, Swimming, Camping, Canoeing

  • Material: Nylon material

  • It can put food, clothes, wallet, small shoulder bag and other personal belongings

  • It can be compressed, it is convenient to carry

  • Suitable for camping,hiking,swimming and the other outdoor activities

  • If you do not use can be compressed and folded into the pocket, easy to carry

Limitless Equipment® Polycarbonate waterproof ”Tough Box" Dry box for First Aid kits, Survival kits and valuables

  • Rugged container for extreme conditions: Store First Aid Kits, Survival Kits and your valuables / iPhone in extreme conditions.

  • Great for your outdoor activities when you need maximum protection for your valuables such as hiking, camping, kayaking, SUP, boating, military use etc.

  • IP65 rated: The cam action latch and Driloc rubber liner gives extra security and doubles as an o-ring seal.

  • High Visibility, Water resistant, crushproof, and dust proof. Sized to fit easily in your backpack and gear bag.

  • Brought to you by Limitless Equipment in the UK.

Galvanised Folding Kayak Anchor Jet Ski 0.7kgs

  • Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Specification

  • Super Holding Power Type

  • Weight 0.7kg

  • Dimensions 180mm Length

  • Width When Open 170mm


Galvanised Folding Kayak Anchor Jet Ski 1.5kgs

  • Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Specification

  • Weight 1.5Kgs

  • Super Holding Power

  • Dimensions 277mm Length, 280mm Width

  • (When Open) Dimensions

H2o 1.5 KG Folding Anchor Kit Inc 6.m Line and Marking Float, Bag Clip

  • Anchor

  • Folds Down

  • Anchor Kit

  • 1.5kg Anchor Kit

  • Complete with bag Float and 6.5 M Line

Lomo Dive Reel 270'

  • 270' of line

  • 2 Position thumb control

  • For diving and snorkelling

  • Approximate breaking strain of line - 75 kg

Beaver Sports - Divers Reel with 80M Line + Stainless Steel Bolt Snap

  • 80 Metres of Line on a Tough easy to operate nylon ratchet locking spool with a specially designed and strengthened & shortened Wind Knob

  • Thumb Controlled Ratchet Trigger facilitates easy free spool and lock.

  • Supplied with Rust Resistant Stainless Steel Bolt Snap. Primarily designed for marking routes (caves / wrecks) reeling off from shot lines.

  • Can also be used with SMBs, Delayed SMBs etc.

  • Offering more realistic length of line for more diving situations. The larger reel size and the increased line length reduces the spools speed of rotation in use when compared to 40 metre reels thus increasing safety and reducing risk of birds nest.

MagiDeal Orange PVC 32'' Drift Sock Sea Anchor Drogue Chute Brake Fits Boat Up To 20'/6m + 30 Feet Kayak Drift Anchor Tow Rope Throw Line & Float

  • 32 inch sea anchor for 20ft boat, and 30 feet kayak throw line with 304 stainless steel clips

  • Heavy duty and durable material with reinforced webbing strap

  • Portable, compact design, can be easily stored away flat in areas where space is limited

  • Suitable for power boats, sail boats, inflatable boat, Jet skis, kayaks

  • Compact and easy to stow, easy to use and improves fishing success

H2o Kayak Anchor Trolley Kit (Well Nut)

  • ALL FIXINGS ARE A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Kayak Canoe Anchor Trolley Kit System Pulley Cleat Pad Eye Ring Ropes

  • 30 Feet (9 metres)-Braid 4.7 mm Trolley Line (8 Plait Polypropylene Break Strain).

  • 4-nylon pad eyes with 8 stainless steel screws and nuts.

  • 1-3" nylon Anchor Cleats with 2 stainless steel Screws and 2 stainless steel nuts.

  • 2-stainless steel Anchor Pulleys with nylon sheave.

  • 1-1.7" Durable Nylon Ring.


Anchor is not included.


Conwy Kayak Foldable Canoe Cart Trolley 120kg Load Puncture Proof Tyres Canoe SUP Windsurf K1

  • Removable Wheels with Guaranteed Puncture Proof Tyres

  • Durable, Powder Coated Aluminium

  • Lightweight and Foldable for Easy Storage

  • 100kg Load Capacity with 3m Securing Strap Included

Conwy Kayak Foldable Canoe Cart Trolley 100kg Load Pneumatic Tyres Canoe SUP Windsurf K4

  • Removable Wheels with Pneumatic Tyres

  • Durable, Powder Coated Aluminium

  • Lightweight and Foldable for Easy Storage

  • 100kg Load Capacity with 3m Securing Strap Included

Lomo Kayak Trolley Model A

  • Suits most kayaks

  • Strong aluminium frame

  • Solid rubber tyres that can't puncture

  • Folds flat

  • Removeable wheels

Lomo Kayak Trolley Model C

  • Suits most kayaks

  • Strong aluminium frame

  • No puncture tyres

  • Folds Flat

  • Removeable wheels

Railblaza C-Tug Kayak Canoe and Rubber Dinghy Trolley

  • Manufacturer: Railblaza

  • Measurement: B: 62cm, H: 33cm

  • Product: C-TUG Transportwagen

  • Weight: ca. 4kg

  • Color: schwarz-grün

Lomo Kayak Roof Rack J Bars - Twin tube

  • Suits most kayaks

  • Strong steel construction

  • Padded supports

  • J shape support

  • Fits most roof racks

Thule Hull-a-Port Pro 837000 Kayak/Canoe Carrier

  • Folds down to the level of the load carrier when not in use, for improved aerodynamics.

  • Stable, space-saving design due to the angled shape of the carrier.

  • Wide mouth J-profile offers easier loading and unloading. Pads with thick felt layer to protect the hull of the kayak.


H2o Wave Asymmetrical Kayak Paddle 230cm Blue

  • Vinyl grips for comfort with Drip Rings

  • Adjustable and suitable for both right and left handed paddlers

  • Corrosion resistant aluminum shaft

  • 3 locking positions for ease of use

  • Two piece construction Floats


  • Construction: 2 Piece

  • Blade Construction: Fibreglass reinforced nylon

  • Shaft Construction: Carbon Fibreglass Blend

Werner Powerhouse Glass Whitewater Paddle

  • Larger blades are ideal for well conditioned paddlers who love to run big rivers and creeks

  • Balanced blade design is smooth and powerful from catch to release

  • Werner's legendary bomber strength


RUK Sport 1.3 m Kayak Paddle Leash

  • 3 metre coiled styled leash allowing for unrestricted movement.

  • Can be used for paddles, rods, nets and items that need to be secured while in the boat.

  • Velcro to paddle, plastic clip to boat.

  • Colour Black.