Safety gear I take with me on fishing trips
Safety Clothing

On hot summer days I would wear shorts and a Tshirt with some old trainers. I would also carry a wind breaker in a dry bag.

However I wear a full drysuit most of the year as it is not often the weather reaches those temperatures.

On really cold days I wear a fleece onsie under my drysuit to keep warm. I also wear thick warm socks with wetsuit boots over my drysuit booties.  From my experience when buying a drysuit - its going to be pricey but it will save your life and you can't put a price on that. I would recommend trying different suits on and remember you will be wearing clothing underneath in winter so always buy one size up.



I've chosen the Palm PFD because of the useful pockets integrated into the PFD and it will support my large frame when submerged in the water. Its really up to you, obviously you will need a PFD that can support your body weight when you are in the water. Once again this piece of kit will save your life so choose wisely and don't skimp on price.


VHF Radio

I have an Icom radio as it floats and has a flashing red light which is activated when submerged in water. This not only acts a safety light at night but helps you to find it if you lose it in the dark. There are many different radios on the market so shop around. Just remember keep it on your person at all times out on the water. If you leave it on the kayak when anchored up and you fall off, you'll just float away in the tide from what could save your life



1.Waterproof phone case to protect your mobile so you can use it as a second option to a VHF Radio. (Remembering once your hands are wet it is difficult to operate a touch screen!)

2.Kayak navigation light to keep other boat users aware of your presence out on the water in low light or at night.

3.Safety Knife should you get tangled in any lines. Make sure its to hand and on your person.

4.Personal Light should you get seperated from your kayak. It will make finding you at night easier.

5.Whistle to attract attention should you need too.

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