Questions and Answers


Questions I get asked on a regular basis. If you have a question and it's not in here feel free to contact me.

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What is the plastic tub i use called?


It's called a VITTLES VAULT and is made by an American company called PETCO. I bought mine from Amazon and I beleive you can pay anything from £40 to £80 for one now.



What make of kayak do you have?


I have the Ocean Kayak Trident 13 in camo.


What Rod Holders do you use?


I use the Scotty Rocket Launcher rod holders because they sit firm in place once you have set the correct angle and they don't slip like other ball mount variants on the market. You can also attach different accesoriess and they great arm rests.


What is the centre hatch on your kayak called?


It's called a MOD POD and gives access to the inside of the kayak. It has loads of connections to attach things like rod holders, GPS, Fishfinders etc. Its very useful for storing gear away when paddling and allows you to store your catch inside the kayak away from the suns rays. It also has a ruler to measure your catch which is very useful.


What PFD do you use?


I use the Palm Kaikura which is an great all round PFD with loads of storage and is comfortable when paddling.


What Dry Suit do you use?


I use the Typhoon PS330 Dry suit. I mainly chose this dry suit for all it's features but the main selling points for me are the zip around the waist for quick and easy access on your own and the neck colar to protect your face from the elements.


What Paddle do you use?


I use the Feel Free two piece paddle. It is perfect for what I do because I don't paddle for Miles. I would like to upgrade one day but for the moment this paddle does the job.


What Kayak Trolley do you use?


I use a v frame trolley with fold away legs. I find this shape doesn't damage the kayak and can be bungied on. I have used other trolley systems where the poles go through the scubber holes but i find that these tend to damage the scubber holes when crossing rough terrain.


What Anchor System do you use?


First of all I use a 2.5KG fold away anchor I have used smaller anchors which are perfect for harbours/esturies etc but with the strong tides in the Solent 2.5KG is perfect for me. The next thing is a meter of chain which helps keep the anchor on the bottom. From the chain is the line going to my divers reel. There is about 50M of line on the reel but you might need more than that depending on the depths you fish. I have a bouy  to my divers reel so that if I need to release I can come back and find my anchor. Lastly I have a meter of line with a clip on the end to attach to the anchor trolley system on my kayak.

If you have any questions on Kayak Fishing please feel free to ask me via the contact me page