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Address: Portsmouth England

E-mail: theyakler@gmail.com

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A very experienced fishing addict that loves all types of fishing whether it be Salt or Fresh water. My strong points are Fly Fishing and kayak Fishing but my love for fishing as a whole truly is what makes me . I enjoy filming and making videos while  learning and experimenting along the way. Huge passion for helping others and really want to be a fishing ambassodor and idol for other like minded fisherman out there. 

Fishing Bio


How much experience do you have?

I don't call myself a perfect angler and don't think any anglers can because there is endless opportunties out there and life is not long enough to experience catching every fish or fishing every river, beach, ocean, lake on so on.

What I have done is fished on four different continents and  throughout my life  made some great memories and met some amazing people. 

From catching trout on the fly to 80LB Hammerhead sharks out in the deep blue sea I've truly experienced some great fights using rod and line.


What do you regret most?

Looking back I wish I had a record of all my experiences like photos and videos but unfortunatly I never documented my fishing career like i do now. So my advice to any young anglers is start building up a portfolio of your fishing life and all the memories although they won't dissappear they will fade over time.

With today's technology however it is alot easier so start documenting and in years to come you can look back.


What is your favourite fish to catch?

I don't have a favourite but there is something about catching a Trout on a fly line that still to this day gives me tingles. It's that feeling of pulling the line towards yourself through your fingers and then this sudden change in direction and added tension while feeling the vibrations of the head shakes that is just amazing.


Where would you live if you could?

Probably South America somewhere becuase you have some of the best fishing both Salt and fresh water.


What does the future hold for you?

With life being life just paying bills and fishing every opportunity i get. If I won the lottery or got a job fishing around the world i would fish every day but what fisherman wouldn't.


What advice would you give a budding young angler?

I would say fish every opportunity you get and don't be put off by weather or being told you won't catching anything. Just having a line in the water with the hope of catching something is what fishing is all about!

If you ask my freinds they'll probably tell you I would fish in a puddle and still catch not because I'm lucky but because I'm so determined and won't give up. 





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Survival fishing

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I created this website to share all my experiences with fellow anglers around the world. 

Kayak Fishing can be really rewarding and I wanted to create a website anyone interested in getting into the sport can learn from.  



I created this page to connect with like minded Kayak Fisherman in my area of the UK. This is one of the best things I ever did. I now have a close group of freinds that I meet up with most weekends and the best part is I'm always meeting new people.




This was my first ever fishing page and I used it to share all my experiences both shore, boat and kayak fishing adventures. I still keep it as Robos Fishing Adventures despite calling myself The Yakler now because it reminds me of how this all began. It's still my main Facebook page and I share all my experiences on here.



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Fly Fishing

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Hand lining

Kayak Fishing


Life Goals 



Marlin from a kayak



Tiger from the Zambezi



Red Snapper from a Kayak


Cape Town:

Yellow Fin Tuna



Arapaima from the Amazon



GT from a kayak


Just to name a few


2010 - present

2010 - present

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