About Me

I'm a keen angler who is either fishing or thinking about fishing. I caught the fishing bug at a young age whilst learning to fly fish in the dams of Dullstroom, South Africa. From the first time the fishing line pulled in the opposite direction and I realised something in the depths of water was pulling back, I was hooked! As time went on I spent more and more time trying different methods of fishing whether it was in fresh or salty water. I would walk into tackle shops and see all the new rod and reels alongside the endless gadgets and shiny colourful lures and I was in my element.


I was born in South Africa and throughout the 19 years I lived there I fished all over the country in both the sea and every river and dam I had the opportunity to throw a line in.



Dullstroom is a trout fishing haven in South Africa, there are trout farms scattered for miles. The landscape is very similar to Scotland and sometimes it even snows in winter. My parents owned a time share on a farm which we visited one weekend every month. The farm had 13 dams with each dam having its own unique characteristic. I fished these dams every day from dawn until dusk.

I have no idea how many trout I've caught in Dullstroom but I never got bored. I caught trout from the size of my hand right up to 4-5Kg, it truly was the place my fishing addiction began!












Every holiday or weekend away I took my rods with me, no matter were we went just in the hope there would be an opportunity to throw a line in. I could tell you about all of the places I have fished and all the fish I have caught. It would probably end up being a book, which is still being written!


I moved to England in 2005 two years after I finished school to join the British Army. Whenever I got the opportunity I fished around the waters of the UK but was dissapointed in the lack of catching whilst fishing from the shore. I was already aware of kayak fishing as it is a popular form of fishing in South Africa. The species caught in South African waters are alot different to the species caught in the UK.  


When I left the army in 2012 I decided to buy myself a kayak as a way of keeping fit and fishing at the same time. Needless to say it is now a couple years later and I'm absolutley addicted to the sport. I created this website as I  want to share my knowledge, experience and love for the sport with as many anglers as possible.


My Dream would be to kayak fish around the world and be sponsored by big name brands. This is obviously not going to happen as only a lucky few get that kind of opportunity. Kayak fishing is a growing sport and hopefully in the future that opportunity might arise. In the meantime I'm going to keep up my passion and fish every opportunity I can. 


I hope you find my page interesting and helpful at the same time. Please feel free to ask me any questions relating to kayak fishing and please share my site with your friends.


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Tight Lines